Available Goldens

Welcome to our Available Goldens Page.  Here you will find links to listings of Goldens who are currently available both from GRRACE and from others, such as shelters and owners.  We also list dogs who have been recently adopted or are in the process of being adopted by their new forever homes.

GRRACE Available Goldens  To learn more about Goldens currently available for adoption from GRRACE, please click this link.  To meet any of these Goldens, we require an approved GRRACE application for adoption be on file. If you have not yet done so, please visit our "Adopt a Golden" page and complete the application.  The biography for each dog may list other requirements, such as the need for a structural fence.  Please note that GRRACE dogs are not adopted on a first-come, first-served basis, but are adopted to the approved homes that best meet their individual needs and characteristics.  Each dog's bio has a contact name and email address for you to request more information. 

Other Available Goldens  This link will take you to a forum where shelters and owners list available Goldens (and, sometimes, Golden mixes or other dogs) for adoption.  Each biography has a contact name, email and/or phone number for you to request more information.  Please carefully read the disclaimer regarding these dogs and note that they have NOT been evaluated by GRRACE and GRRACE does not make any representations regarding them.

GRRACE Adopted/Adoption Pending  Biographies and photographs of recently adopted Goldens will be available here for one month following adoption.  We present these so that you may see who has been adopted, or so that you can see the variety of dogs we regularly bring into our program.



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