Adopt a Golden

Before Getting a Golden

Before Getting a Golden

GRRACE adopts our Golden Retrievers to Indiana residents. If you are not an Indiana resident, please visit our helpful links page to locate a state by state listing of Golden Retriever rescue groups. 

In addition, the GRRACE Board of Directors has determined that we cannot adopt Goldens where there is a child under the age of 5 years in the household.  We've found it is difficult for the adult members of a family with young children to find the considerable time needed to train a dog due to the family's busy household. 

GRRACE prefers to adopt our dogs to homes with structural fences, given that many of our dogs have been found as strays.  However, we recognize that not all homes have structural fences and we review each case individually with best needs of each Golden in mind.

There are several steps, listed below, in adopting our Goldens.

    • Complete our Adoption Application. You will find a link to the form at the bottom of this page. Our applications are now delivered through PetStablished, an online shelter management program.
    • You’ll receive an automated email advising you the application has been received; applications are reviewed and processed within 2 weeks of receipt. 
    • Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email with any further questions we may have, or with your approval or denial. 
    • AFTER your application is accepted, you may email contacts listed on our Available Dogs page for further information. Due to the number of applications we receive, it is not feasible for us to contact individual applicants about specific dogs on a regular basis.
    • If you find a dog who may be a potential match, you will have the opportunity to meet the dog and talk with the foster family. Please understand that our priority is to match our dogs with families that best meet the needs of the dogs.  How long you have had your application on file is not dispositive of whether you are the best match for a particular dog.
    • The final step before any adoption is completed is a home visit. One of our trained volunteers comes to your home and discusses the process with you. Home visits are done at this point because it is not feasible for us to conduct home visits for each applicant or for each possible match. The home visit is a good opportunity for you and your family, and for GRRACE, to discuss any remaining questions and talk about the process of bringing a new Golden into your family.
    • After a Golden arrives at his or her new home, follow-up phone calls or visits are scheduled to ensure that all is going well for both the Golden and the family. After a two week period the adoption is considered final. We strongly encourage you to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns. Additionally, we are always glad to hear from our adoptive homes in the future with updates; we have Success Stories pages where we post these updates.
    • We often have families who wish to adopt a second dog from us. GRRACE requires a 6-12 month waiting period before adopting another dog. This gives the first Golden ample time to settle in, bond with and become familiar with the routine of the family.    Exceptions are made in some circumstances, such as where a pair of Goldens who’ve lived together prior to rescue are adopted to a new home together to best serve the dogs’ needs.  For families wishing to adopt a second Golden, we require that you provide us any changes of information since the completion of your adoption application and we’ll conduct a veterinary reference check.  If you have moved to a new home since your past GRRACE adoption, we’ll complete a new home visit, too.

      Adoption Fees: Our current fees for adoption are:

      • Puppies up to 6 months old: $350
      • Dogs 6 months to 8 years: $300
      • Dogs 8 years and older: $200
      • Adoption fees offset the $450 average veterinary bill for each dog.  This includes spay/neuter fees, heartworm testing, fecal specimen testing, vaccines, vet exam and the evaluation and treatment of any issues we find, as well as heartworm and flea/tick prevention medication.

      All Goldens are adopted on a two week trial period. If, for any reason, the match between Golden and family does not work out, the Golden can be returned to GRRACE for a full refund of the adoption fee during that period. Additionally, one term of the adoption contract is that if you cannot keep your GRRACE Golden for any reason, the dog must be returned to GRRACE.

      Should you have any questions or comments about GRRACE or the adoption process, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

      Fill out the form completely; required fields are marked with an *. The form will not submit if each field is not completed. You have the option to save a copy of your application as a PDF before you submit it. Click on Save PDF at the bottom left of the application before submitting if you'd like to save a copy. Once your form is submitted, you will recieve an automated email thanking you for the form. You will hear from one of our volunteers within two weeks of submitting your application.

      If you have any questionns or issues with the application, please contact us at our website coordinator at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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