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How to Surrender a Golden

We know that making the decision to give up your dog is a very difficult one. To help make this process as smooth as possible, GRRACE has developed specific questions and requests for you to answer and fulfill. We find this lets us move more quickly and efficiently to determine how we can best help you and your dog. We appreciate your cooperation and attention to the details as outlined below.

  1. Fill out the Owner Surrender Form. If you are a shelter requesting that we take in a Golden, please fill out the Shelter Surrender Form.

  2. We must contact your vet to confirm the status of heartworm testing, shots, etc. If your dog is due for heartworm testing, we require that you get this done for us. The test is inexpensive and can be done at the vet’s office while you wait. Please understand that we will not turn a dog away just because it needs heartworm treatment, shots, neutering, etc. However, those health conditions do impact what foster homes we may have available that can take your dog. We will NOT proceed further with the process until we have satisfied ourselves regarding your dog’s routine vet care and heartworm status.

  3. We will contact you via the method you have requested we use. We may have more questions for you at that time, or may be prepared to tell you what we can do to help you.

  4. Before we make a final decision about taking your dog into our foster program, we must have one of our volunteers meet and evaluate the dog. We identify a volunteer near you and arrange for them to contact you to set up a time to meet.  Please note that your dog will NOT be taken on the day of the evaluation. After evaluation, GRRACE will determine if we can help. If so, we will locate the best foster home for your Golden.

  5. Based on what we have learned, we will decide if we can foster your dog and inform you accordingly. There will be a Surrender Form to sign, legally relinquishing your rights as owner. We will arrange for transportation of your dog to the foster home. Any medications you have, or other items you wish to send with your Golden, are welcome.


If you are reading this on behalf of someone without Internet access, the process is the same. The one difference is that the owner will be held responsible to notify the vet, either in writing or verbally, that they are authorizing GRRACE representatives to speak with them about their dog.


Now that you’ve learned the process, if you are ready to go ahead, please fill out the Owner Surrender Form.

If you are a shelter wanting GRRACE to evaluate and take in a dog from your facility, please fill out the Shelter Surrender Form

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