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Over the last few years, slightly more than 50% of our intakes came to us from commercial breeders, including retired breeder mamas and unsold puppies.  The Goldens rescued from commercial breeders require extra time and care in their foster homes as most have never been in a house before.  Doorways, ceiling fans and televisions are all new and scary experiences that must be overcome. Even walking on grass can be a new event for many of these Goldens.  Some have specific medical needs, and all need CBC bloodwork, to be brought current on vaccinations, microchipped, and spayed/neutered.  Most of them also have internal parasites that must be treated and eradicated.  The biggest challenge for these dogs is learning to trust humans and to not see us as something to fear.  The biggest challenge for humans is in showing patience and giving these Goldens a chance to decompress and to understand that their lives are about to change for the better. 


Housebreaking, getting these Goldens to eat in your presence, and accepting friendly touch are just some of the challenges facing these new rescues as they begin their new lives.  Most of these Goldens adjust quickly, some take a little longer, but they all eventually come around.  The greatest reward is having one of these Goldens approach you for a simple head scratch or catching them in a tail wag when you walk into a room. 


Please considering sponsoring these sweet Goldens and contributing to GRRACE's mission.  We are so grateful for your support. 

Sponsor A Commercial Breeder Rescue

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