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Adopted May 2018 by Susie Exline, passed June 2020

Brix was born November 10, 2017. Shortly after his owner purchased him from a breeder, Brix (then known as Cooper) began having focal and grand mal seizures. His journey brought him to Dr. Johnny Cross, a neurology specialist, who diagnosed Brix with idiopathic epilepsy. Unable to manage the ongoing, daily care that Brix’s condition required, his owner relinquished Brix to GRRACE in March 2018. We were blessed to be Brix’s foster home, and the photo of Brix and big sister Indy is when he became a permanent part of our family in May 2018. Life with an epileptic was bumpy--never knowing when the seizures would hit or how long and intense they would be, constantly changing meds, giving meds at multiple precise times a day, numerous trips to the ER, but always keeping him safe and loved. Unfortunately the epilepsy meds took a toll on Brix's organs, and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge at a young 2.5 years of age. Baby Brix made every second of those short years worth all the bumps and challenges.


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