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Adopted May 2011 by Ray and Mary Rozin, passed June 2021

Toby came to us May 1, 2011. We drove to southern Indiana to his foster home to see if we would be a good match. He looked at my husband, put his big paws on his shoulders, licked his face and the rest was history. Toby loved his daily walks and he always thought that every open garage was an invitation to come inside and hopefully there was a treat waiting for him. He was the neighborhood greeter and wanted everyone to pet him and they all laughed when Toby went in for the lean on. He loved sitting in front of the house every evening so he could watch over his kingdom. He was my shadow and my best friend and when he crossed the bridge he left a hole in my heart. He was a pure joy and we were so lucky to have him. Thank you GRRACE.


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