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Adopted July 2022 by Karen Asp and Chris Pataluch

Barney is an eight-year-old golden/lab mix who GRRACE pulled from a shelter where, ironically, he was picked up as a stray when he was a puppy. We are Barney’s third – and final – home, and although we fostered him for seven months, we never thought we’d adopt him, as he’s a challenge. He was probably never socialized as a puppy and has great anxiety and fear of the world, especially when it comes to garbage trucks and school buses. Getting him to the vet even requires full sedation and muzzling, as he has issues with body handling. In fact, we can’t even do basic things like trim his nails or wipe his paws. He’s also fiercely stubborn, which is why we call him Barney “Trubble.” Yet he has an affectionate side and adores his new sister Ellie, a five-month-old golden whom we also fostered and adopted through GRRACE. He’s still Barney, but he’s become a better Barney because of her, playing constantly with her. Other favorite activities include snuggling on couches, sniffing leaves and sleeping with us. We love our grumpy old man to pieces and are grateful we can provide him a safe, loving home for the rest of his life.


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