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Adopted May 2021 by Susie Exline

Born July 8, 2020, Gypsy came to GRRACE in April 2021 as a happy but very scared and timid 9-month-old little girl. She had spent 10 hours a day in a crate then was put back in her crate at bedtime, so she hadn’t been exposed to very many things. Even simple things such as bringing a delivery in from the front porch had Gypsy tucking her tail and running away in fear. Once Gypsy was GRRACEd she was slowly exposed to new things, and her confidence flourished. We quickly foster-failed, and her big sister Indy and I made Gypsy a permanent part of our family in May 2021. Gypsy has grown to be a ball fanatic; loves to play fetch, go on car rides, and play with human kids; is quite the swimmer; enjoys doggy day camp a few days a week; and is thrilled to sleep on our bed at night instead of in a crate!


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