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Adopted December 2015 by Keith and Sherry Patten

Bella was tied to a pole with another Golden, two days before Christmas 2015. GRRACE was alerted and immediately reached out to their volunteers. We responded and the next day met the transport with two very scared goldens. The two girls were named Stella and Bella and were thought to be 3-4 years old. That Christmas the two girls joined the Patten family dogs, a weimaraner and a labrador, and enjoyed a wonderful Santa Dog Christmas. Bella won over Keith’s heart and became a Patten girl and Stella was adopted by another family soon after. Bella enjoys many hiking trips along with multiple vacations with her family. She was chosen Pet of the Month in 2018 for a story in the Prestwick Magazine. She continues to be a member of the threedogghouse and is spoiled each day. She goes on daily walks and car rides with her furry friends and her retired parents. What started as a terrible beginning now is continuing her Cinderella story thanks to GRRACE.


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