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Adopted December 2017 by Dave and Renee Wolf

Randy (previously known as Pilgrim) is part of the Missouri 7 that came to GRRACE in November 2017. He was about 8 months old when he came to us. The best way to describe Randy is joyful. He’s just a very happy guy. He has a brother named Ralphie, who he instantly loved to play with. He’s learned so much and he’s so smart. He loves toys, rides, walks, and food and it’s clear that he loves having a family. Above everything, Randy loves to be touched. He’s always ready to be petted. He hasn’t quite figured out how to cuddle. He likes the idea of it but he just isn’t sure how to do it. However, he wouldn’t mind being petted or brushed for hours if he could have things his way. He’s got a great underbite that, at certain times, it looks like he’s smiling. We like to think he is because his personality is such that he exudes joy and happiness. Randy is just a great dog and we are so happy that we are his family.


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