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Scout and Parker

Adopted December 2018 & January 2020 by Matt Bolton

We have been lucky enough to adopt two Golden Retrievers through GRRACE. Scout (the light colored dog in the photos) was adopted in December 2018. Scout is a China meat market survivor. He was on a truck headed to slaughter when he and other dogs were rescued. He initially had a lot of skin and health issues which the specialists never really figured out, but as his anxiety lessened his health improved. He is truly one of the sweetest dogs we've ever had and it seems as if he is appreciative of everything he's gone through and where he is today. Parker (the reddish colored dog in the photos) was adopted in January 2020 right before the Covid lockdown and helped us all get through it. He has allergy issues which his prior owners were unable to accomodate. He's a big, goofy, loving dog. He and Scout have grown to become best friends and are constantly playing or antagonizing each other.


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