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Adopted March 2013 by Alexa (Yarnell) and Daniel Frank, passed October 2022

Sydney (Sookie at the time of intake) was the sweetest girl. I first met her at a McDonald’s where I met up with another GRRACE volunteer, intending to foster her until the right home came along. Sydney was born deaf, and her family sadly couldn’t keep her due to long work hours and a busy life with a baby in the home. When Syd was ready for adoption, I remember my heart breaking every time someone applied for her. I couldn’t let her go. I knew she would be my first ‘foster failure.’ I officially adopted Syd on March 4, 2013, when she was around 2 years old. She had a wonderful, comfy life with us, her golden sister (Grace, who passed away in July 2022 at 16 years old!), and her two little human brothers (Sawyer, 4; and Silas, 6 months). Sadly, she crossed the rainbow bridge at 11 years old due to cancer. We miss her so very much. She had the sweetest heart, a gentle giant. Thank you Sydney (we called her ‘Bydney’) for bringing us so much unconditional love and joy. We will miss you everyday.


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